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Carrot2 Project......
Carrot2: open source framework for building search clustering engines

Dawid Weiss photo Dawid Weiss, PhD, the founder of the Carrot2 project, is an associate professor at the Laboratory of Intelligent Decision Support Systems, Institute of Computing Science, Poznan University of Technology, Poland.

His research interests include text clustering, information retrieval, web mining, computational linguistics and software engineering.

Stanislaw Osinski photo Stanislaw Osinski is the co-founder at Carrot Search.

His research interests include search results clustering, information retrieval, text mining, user interface design and usability. He received his MSc degrees from Poznan University of Technology and The University of Sheffield.

Other contributors:
  • Urszula Krukar, (Poznan University of Technology (PUT), Poland, initial version of Carrot2 Clustering Workbench, active since 2007),
  • Karol Gołembniak, Irmina Masłowska (PUT, Poland, HAOG clustering component, not active),
  • Michał Wróblewski (PUT, Poland, AHC clustering components, not active),
  • Paweł Kowalik (PUT, Poland, Inductive search engine wrapper, not active),
  • Steven Schockaert (University of Gent, Belgium, Fuzzy Ants clustering component, not active),
  • Lang Ngo Chi (Warsaw University, Poland, Fuzzy Rough set clustering component, not active),
  • Julien Nioche (DigitalPebble, UK, OpenSearch input component),
  • Reinhard Schwab (improvements to the Lingo clustering algorithm),
  • Sairaj Sunil (enhancements to the Lucene input component).

Carrot uses several open source projects -- we would like to thank all the contributors and supporters of free and open source software.