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Carrot2: open source framework for building search clustering engines

eTools.ch eTools.ch is a fast meta search engine developed in Switzerland that uses bits of Carrot2 infrastructure and the commercial version of the Lingo algorithm to group search results by topic.

JobVille JobVille is an Italian job search engine based on Apache Solr. JobVille uses Carrot2 and its Lingo clustering algorithm to generate search suggestions and similar profiles.

European Bioinformatics Institute EB-eye Search engine at the European Bioinformatics Institute uses Carrot2 to aid exploration of the returned search results.

Shumbi Discover Shumbi Discover is a next generation research tool using deep-web discovery, visual search and annotation. Shumbi embeds the .NET version of Carrot2 Lingo clustering algorithm to offer on-the-fly fully automatic grouping of search results.

Apache Solr Apache Solr is an open source enterprise search server based on the Lucene Java search library. Solr offers out-of-the-box search results clustering feature based on Carrot2 algorithms.

Constellio Open Source Enterprise Search Constellio is an open source enterprise search that lets you find all your organization's relevant content (Web, Email, ECM, CRM, Databases, etc.) with a single click. Constellio offers Carrot2-powered search results clustering.

InQuira InQuira uses Carrot2 algorithms in their knowledge management products.

SearchBlox SearchBlox is a high-performance Content Search Software designed for corporate intranets, websites, portals and custom-applications, which offers Carrot2-powered clustered search results presentation as an option.

Data Intelligence Technologies Entity Analytical Platform from Data Intelligence Technologies uses Carrot2 clustering algorithms and visualizations.

gceel gceel.com uses Carrot2 to provide a A New Visual Search Interface for Web Browsing.

struly Struly is a multi search engine that embeds Carrot2 as one of the search sources.

focuseek Focuseek used Carrot2 algorithms to add the dynamic clustering feature to their enterprise search software called Nautilus.