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Release 3.8.1

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Carrot2: open source framework for building search clustering engines
The 3.8.1 release brings a number of minor features and fixes several issues.
STC algorithm improvements.

The STC clustering has been improved. It now supports stemming algorithms and picks the representative phrase from a set of stem-equivalent versions. The algroithm now respects stop labels dictionary.

Webapp's query word highlighter is now configurable/ replaceable.

The default highlighter that comes with the webapp now has more tuning options (custom sanitizing regexp pattern, custom pattern for ignoring certain expressions).

Workbench supports overrides of components and attributes.

This can be used to customize and tweak initial attributes of document sources and algorithms.

Minor bugs squashed.

There was an issue with proper ordering of multi-lingual clusters when FLATTEN_ALL option was selected. The webapp did not support non-numeric document identifiers.

For a complete list of improvements and bug fixes, see JIRA