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Release 3.7.0

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Carrot2: open source framework for building search clustering engines
The 3.7.0 release fixes over 40 issues: bug fixes, ehancements and third party library upgrades.
Value factories for attributes

Value factories have been added to the binder to support components with non-directly instantiable values.

String document identifiers

Document identifiers can be arbitrary strings. This facilitates integration with existing document providers such as Solr.

Solr integration cleanups

Easier integration with the default Solr functionality (highlighters, in-Solr clustering).

Third party library updates

Lucene 4.x, Morfologik 1.6, Guava 14.x.

Memory requirements decreased

This in particular affects the Workbench.

Bug fixes and minor enhancements from 3.6.x bugfix line.

A number of bug fixes and enhancements already applied to the maintenance line of 3.6.x have also been ported (see full issue list in JIRA).

For a complete list of improvements and bug fixes, see JIRA issues fixed in version 3.7.0.