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Release 3.5.2

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Carrot2: open source framework for building search clustering engines
The 3.5.2 release of Carrot2 adds Ajax support to the Document Clustering Server, updates the supported search engines and adds a number of minor improvements.
Ajax support in Document Clustering Server

As of the 3.5.2 release, the Document Clustering Server supports the GET and POST/x-www-form-urlencoded request methods, you can now call the DCS directly from your Ajax applications. The Quick Start screen will help you to generate example DCS requests using all supported methods.

Ajax support in Document Clustering Server
Support for Yahoo BOSS removed

Release 3.5.2 removes support for Yahoo! BOSS API, as it is no longer available free of charge. The Bing document source has been improved to expose search options similar to those offered by BOSS, including news/image search and domain restrictions.

Thai support (experimental) Release 3.5.2 adds experimental support for clustering Thai content, based on Lucene's ThaiWordFilter.
Support for native matrix computations removed Release 3.5.2 removes support for native matrix computations. For further releases, we will consider switching to Apache Mahout Math matrix libraries and adding native computation support to these libraries.
Improvements in Document Clustering Workbench Release 3.5.2 makes a number of improvements in the Document Clustering Workbench:
  • Consistent key binding for reclustering the content of the active tab: <Ctrl>+R on Windows/Linux and ⌘+R on Mac OS.
  • Expanded/collapsed branches in the cluster tree are now preserved between reclusterings.
  • Separate buttons for collapsing and expanding all clusters in the cluster tree.
HPPC update High Performance Primitive Collections has been updated to version 0.4.1.

For a complete list of improvements and bug fixes, see JIRA issues fixed in version 3.5.2. For more new features, please see release 3.5.0 and release 3.4.0 notes.