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Release 3.2.0

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Carrot2: open source framework for building search clustering engines
The 3.2.0 release introduces experimental support for clustering Korean and Arabic content, adds a command-line batch processing application, updates cluster visualization and removes LGPL-licensed dependencies.
Experimental support for Arabic and Korean View online Release 3.2.0 introduces experimental support for clustering content in Arabic and Korean. Arabic and Korean content is supported across all Carrot2 components as well as in Carrot2 Java API. Please note that Carrot2 user interfaces still use Left To Right layouts. Arabic query clustered by Carrot2
Command-line application for batch clustering Download Release 3.2.0 introduces a simple command-line application which performs Carrot2 clustering on one or more files in the Carrot2 XML format and saves the results as XML or JSON. Apart from clustering large number of documents sets at one time, you can use the this application to integrate Carrot2 with your non-Java applications. Carrot2 Batch Processing Application
Significant updates in the Circles visualization View online The Circles cluster visualization has been significantly improved, including much clearer label rendering, multiple selection support and smoother animation. Carrot2 Circles Visualization For fully customizable Flash binaries of this visualization, including color schemes and logos, please contact Carrot Search.
LGPL-licensed dependencies removed All Carrot2's LGPL dependencies have been replaced with non-LGPL substitutes or made optional.
Document Clustering Workbench performance improvements Version 3.2.0 brings a number of improvements to the Document Clustering Workbench, including better performance of the results editor for large numbers of documents.
Carrot Search Labs Carrot Search Labs opens to share some small pieces of software we created when working on Carrot2 and Lingo3G. If you find any of the projects valuable, we'd love to hear your feedback! Carrot Search Labs website

For a complete list of improvements and bug fixes, see JIRA issues fixed in version 3.2.0. For more new features, please see release 3.1.0 and release 3.0 notes.