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Release 3.1.0

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Carrot2: open source framework for building search clustering engines
The 3.1.0 release introduces experimental support for clustering documents in Chinese Simplified, a number of usability improvements to Document Clustering Workbench and bug fixes to clustering algorithms.
Experimental support for Chinese Simplified View online Release 3.1.0 introduces experimental support for clustering content in Chinese Simplified. Chinese content is supported across all Carrot2 applications as well as in Carrot2 Java API. Chinese query clustered by Carrot2
Search results clustering plugin for Apache Solr 1.4 Download Version 1.4 of Apache Solr offers a search results clustering component based on Carrot2. Apache Solr
Rewritten STC clustering algorithm The Suffix Tree Clustering algorithm has been rewritten for better performance and clustering quality.
Clustering performance benchmarking in Document Clustering Workbench
Using the Document Clustering Workbench you can now quickly benchmark the performance of Carrot2 clustering algorithms. Benchmark view in Carrot2 Clustering Workbench
Improved attribute management in Document Clustering Workbench
Release 3.1.0 brings a number of improvements to the way clustering algorithm's attributes are managed in the Document Clustering Workbench.

You can now set a certain set of attributes as defaults for further queries, reset the attributes back to the saved defaults or factory defaults. This feature may be helpful when tuning Carrot2 clustering. Attribute management in Carrot2 Clustering Workbench

You can also load and save attribute values in XML files. This is especially useful when customizing Carrot2 applications. Finally, folding of attribute groups is preserved across editors and Workbench restarts, so that you can focus on the relevant attributes during tuning. Attribute management in Carrot2 Clustering Workbench

Code snippets in JavaDoc View online A number of code snippets are now included in the JavaDoc overview page for easier learning of Carrot2 Java API. Carrot2 JavaDoc overview page
Bugfixes in clustering algorithms Release 3.1.0 fixes a number of small issues in clustering algorithms, including: CARROT-535, CARROT-494 and CARROT-493.
Dependency updates A number of dependencies have been updated:
  • Lucene to version 2.9
  • Google Collections to version 1.0-rc2
  • Jetty to version 6.1.19

For a complete list of new features and bug fixes, see JIRA issues fixed in version 3.1.0. For more new features, please see release 3.0.1 and release 3.0 notes.