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Release notes

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Carrot2: open source framework for building search clustering engines

The 2.1 Release of Carrot2 brings a number of new components and applications as well as important improvements to the existing features. Please see also the Release 2.1.1 features!

Document Clustering Server The 2.1 release of Carrot2 comes with a completely new application, the Document Clustering Server (DCS). The DCS exposes Carrot2's clustering capabilities as an HTTP/REST or XML/RPC service. For the former, XML and JSON data formats are supported. Additionally, the DCS contains a simple command line application for calling Carrot2 clustering in batch mode. Document Clustering Server
New sources of search results New supported sources of search results include: eTools meta search engine (CARROT-36), Alexa Web Search (CARROT-81), PubMed database and the SOLR engine (CARROT-17).
JIRA and Bamboo Now Carrot2 infrastructure is powered by Atlassian JIRA and Bamboo. Feel free to go to http://issues.carrot2.org to file bugs and feature requests, or to http://builds.carrot2.org to see how Carrot2 builds are doing. Carrot2 Issues tracked by JIRACarrot2 builds managed by Bamboo
Cluster word highlighting Cluster work highlighting has been added to the demo web application. This will further speed-up scanning of search results within clusters (CARROT-16). Highlighting of cluster labels
More search sources More search sources are now available in the demo web application, including the eTools meta search engine, Yahoo! News and the PubMed database. Additionally, a simple mechanism for customizing the search tabs was added (CARROT-8). More search sources
Cluster tree improvements The cluster tree display DHTML component has been improved, including the "all clusters" option for showing all clusters (CARROT-20), an option for always showing all clusters (CARROT-21), support for cluster selection bookmarking and using the browser's Back and Forward buttons to navigate through cluster selections (CARROT-63). Cluster tree improvements
Document fetching and clustering time The web application now shows how long it took to fetch search results and cluster them (CARROT-77). Document fetching and clustering time
Other improvemetns For other bug fixes and improvements, please see the JIRA Release Notes.