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Release notes

Carrot2 Project......
Carrot2: open source framework for building search clustering engines

The 2.0 Release of Carrot2 brings a lot of additions and improvements to the core framework, components and applications. Major improvements include:

  • Carrot2 Clustering EngineBrand-new web application
    A brand-new search clustering web application (see on the right) featuring a more usable user interface, much faster back-end and better support for adding new data sources.
  • Major refactoring and simplification of the core API, removal of obsolete interfaces.
  • Attractive cluster visualization added to the standalone GUI clustering tool based on the Aduna ClusterMap Library (see on the right).
  • A major speed improvement of the build scripts.
  • Carrot2 Clustering EngineNew visualization (WebStart)
    A new look for the project website.
  • Adding an input component (carrot2-input-msnapi) for fetching search results from the MSN Search Engine.

Smaller improvements include:

  • Autoloading of component descriptors. Now the majority of component definitions can sit in their home projects and don't need to be declared in the applications that use them.
  • Added support for incremental document pushing to the carrot2-input-lucene component.
  • Added support for incremental document pushing to the carrot2-opensearch-lucene component.
  • Added a simple GUI for configuring a Lucene index as a data source for the standalone GUI clustering tool.